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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Advent Calendar:HAPPY NEW YEAR! = Rebirth!-Morning Has Broken...

To me on this New Year's morning all I keep visualizing is like you know how in those docu-dramas they show you the re-birth of everything say after Nostradamus' prediction comes true and then the world starts afresh again and they show you all the flora and fauna blooming and they speed up the footage so it grows from start to maturity in a few secs? Well that is how I keep feeling this morning like I'm seeing before me white roses blooming in fast forward mode so I'm seeing them budding and then opening and mostly I'm seeing white roses with dew drops and then I'm hearing this song that was made popular by Cat Stevens before he became Yusuf when he was still into his roots I guess...because as part of my exploration into Universal Collective Prayer on my blog of that nature I've found out that song which I always associated with Cat Stevens is actually a Christian hymn of British origins...On the prayers I will talk more about that...But on this blog I want to let you know that I guess New Year's Day's first dawn does instill in all of us that feeling of freshly waking up to a new dawning to a new beginning like if it is symbolically our first day on earth! :)

And so I wish all of you this to live from now on like you were never were never are rebirthed today and 'Morning has Broken like the first morning...'


Elspeth said...

Your visual experience of life would translate well into animation. Maybe something for you to get into? I like the video with the woman singing "Morning has Broken". I've always liked that song. Wishing you happy rebirthing.

meadysmusings said...

Thanks Elspeth Happy New Year to you! Maybe I'll join your yoga classes one of these days when I feel fit enough...thinking to do some gardening to start off though...

I have been thinking to buy a little camera...was meaning to ask you advice on film making...I even bought some books on film making (how to make a movie with only $30 etc etc wihtout going to film school blah blah) but still didnt get all the info. So will check you..

Elspeth said...

Sure - when ready for advice, etc let me know.

Elspeth said...

p.s. you don't have to 'feel fit' to join yoga! Just come.