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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Advent Calendar:6th Day of Christmas-The Gift of The New Year!

In the universal sense I figure time is irrelevant but we social humans like to count as I spoke about in my previous post on my Birthday which was also a time for counting...and I guess I can't be counted out of that too cause look at me I have polls up on my blogs! The Santa one I have on Universal Collective Prayer won't close till Christmas closes as in all the days of Christmas are done. And the angels one I will leave it up till the same time it started in 2008 i.e. 365 days. However some of the polls are more or less finished in a few seems as when I set them they were on Pacific Time or something but I'm at -4 GMT officially so the New Year will ring in here in about 4.5 hours. So I figured I'd summarize my polls now before I go off to spend some time with are the summaries:

The Best Chocolate in the World?

I only got 4 votes...less face it my blog is struggling just today I realised Google has down its rank from 3 to 2 :( But hey this was always just my musings and I'm glad whatever fun and participation I get! :) So yep with a total of 4 votes it was tie between Valrhona and Green and Black both with two votes each...on this poll I allowed a person to choose one to all as favs so one person could have voted for one fav or for up to eleven! I voted for 4 favs as I couldn't decide chocoholic am I! :)

Tell me what is your favourite coffee in the whole wide world and why?
Well my Hong Wing Coffee group members on Facebook will be proud although it appeared as if some Blogger techie guy or form of artificial intelligence tried to tamper with that poll today...hmmm....!:)But yep Hong Wing came out on top with a total of four votes! :) This poll was set up where you could vote for one and only one fav. and the total number of votes on this was slightly more than on the choc one with a total of 10 votes! :)

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Although in 2008 I never got around to starting my Reincarnation series I'm quite proud of the participation in and the results of this poll! Voters were only allow to day yes or no on this poll no maybes and I got 9 people saying yes and 3 no. So YES IT IS! And yep I will do the series next year for sure! :)

I'd also like to let you know that the Santa poll is doing fine so far with a total of 10 votes in the short space of time it ran as I only put it up in mid Dec ...will give you the official result when it closes on the Epiphany!

So not much more musings bout me personally on here though...I stopped making New Year's resolution many years ago and not sure if I was ever into them....I mean really polls aside just for fun what's in a number? So I live my life where I do as it may come! So I'm reinventing, redoing, restarting, rebirthing all kinda returning and thinging...all year through as we all are really! So what's the biggy with change of year other than a number?!

But I'm not for being a social outcast so I try to blend in and share the love as much as possible so...I do celebrate and mark the changes with the whole world too so...Here it is 2009!

And from myself and my family and all my three blogs I say to everyone a Bright and Reflective New Year filled with Love and its Pure, Clear Light! :)

I also love the Auld Lang Syne song but I also like this ABBA New Year song that was really sung back in the day in 1979 to ring in the new decade of 1980! :) Imagine all that has changed since then! :) But there are History blogs and sites that will chronicle that much better than I! So here is it HAPPY NEW YEAR 1980...ahmmm...I mean 2009! :) So will leave Auld Lang Syne for Universal Collective Prayer and throw the bash with ABBA here! :)

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