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Thursday, 19 March 2009

How Does My Garden Grow-Sunflowers...Suraj Mukhi and My Theme Song!

This is just a short, light check in to let my readers know that I got my first sunflowers bloom on Sat 14 Mar 09! It was also on a day I decided to play Phagwa/Holi- an Indian, Hindu festival that when celebrated in India tends to relate to the celebration of Spring but celebrated here in Trinidad since my ancestors time. I wrote about it in some detail on my Universal Collective Prayer here. Of course we are in the Tropics so no Spring! So having my first sunflower bloom appear on that day was like a touch of Spring in the Tropics in more ways that one! :) Aaah...the sight and feel of a first bloom! :) My mum tends to like to call the Sunflowers...Suraj Mukhi instead which I guess is the Hindi name for it and kinda sounds even nicer when you think of it that it would then translates roughly to Face of the Sun or well literally Sun Face! Of course they are my fav things as I went on about in this blog! :) And guess what? :) I searched Suraj Mukhi and here is another serendiptious thing in a seems that in the search comes up that this is a specialty Holi sweet in India! :) Badam Pista Suraj Mukhi...a kinda barfi sweet with the decoration at the top made out of almonds and stuff but to look like a Suraj Mukhi...a sunflower! :)Check out this link to read more about this specialty sweet! :)

Also I've been playing around on Intent again and their question of the day a few days back (sorry I can't find it to link you back to it!)...inspired me to answer but also reminded me that way back when I also had this group up on Facebook...What is Your Theme Song? It really was created for pure fun...So here it is my theme song...I am the One and Only by Chesny Hawks...I know it sounds so well self serving! :) But really it is a lovely song in words too if you think about it and it is interesting that I've loved this song and considered it deep since I was like 18 or so! I recall that is when I first heard it was released around then...1991/92/93 I would probably align well with this other blog I wrote late last year too...perhaps it was what was welled up inside me since back then at 18 but I was only able to elucidate it like this now...And by the way I miss that scribblings guys Aaron Ross who used to blog on Intent and I mentioned in that post...

Anyway here are the lyrics:

I am the one and only,
Oh yeah!
Call me, call me by my name or call me by number,
You put me through it,
I'll still be doing it the way I do it,
And yet, you try to make me forget,
Who I really am, don't tell me, I know best,
I'm not the same as all the rest,


I am the one and only,
Nobody I'd rather be,
I am the one and only,
You can't take that away from me

I've been a player in the crowd scene,
A flicker on the big screen,
My soul embraces one more in a million faces,
High hopes and aspirations, and years above my station
maybe but all this time I've tried to walk with dignity and pride


I can't wear this uniform without some compromises,
Because you'll find out that we come,
In different shapes and sizes,
No one can be myself like I can,
For this job I'm the best man,
And while this may be true, you are the one and only you!

And here is the tune! Enjoy! :)

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