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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Our Faces...Momentary Pearls of Universe!

This morning on Facebook I accepted a friend request. It got me to comparing...wondering about that person's life in relation to mines...but it was only for a while...cause Facebook tends to do that to us but for years I've asked and realised that there is more to life than the cookie cutter ideal we are sold growing up when we are being molded by said ideal cookie cutters! Anyway I didn't compare or wonder for long but then as I was getting dressed for work and I saw my face in the mirror I got to visualizing and thinking...hard to separate the two nowadays as I tend to more see my thoughts than think them!

Anyway it seemed to me that our faces however they are made up are really just momentary manifestations of the universe...and the universe is this fluid thing and we are just flowing forward and for a brief second we are this face and then we mix up into the universal fluid again till we ooze out and manifest again as our face grows out and takes form like a a ripe fruit hanging at the end of a vine...That's the visualization I saw...I've tried my best to scribble it to this effect...and you will have to deal with that until I perhaps sign up for the Art class that Daniel Pink of 'A Whole New Mind' fame took! :):

Over the last six months I less and less think that things are coincidences and just when I was driving out my garage I thought to myself that I really just have to do what I came here to do after all I'm in this face manifestation only just momentarily and I'm made exactly like this and things happen exactly as they do so that I can carry out what I came here in this manifestation to do! So I should not think about what my peers are doing despite of Facebook...and really it was a much needed reminder to myself after just coming off Facebook...then I realized that however my life is currently it is how it is cause I was meant to be this way to exactly fulfill the role I came here to carry out...I was just the expression...of course not just my face but my body too...but my face I thought is just like the fruit on a tree or a pearl being formed and I thought of the universe as this big flowing growing shrub or bubbling liquid and at the end of each limb a face would bud or flow forward and harden...and to me the face is what looks in at the world and it is the divine's connection to the material I saw it as my being part of a bigger universal spirit looking in with my face as the window to that brief spot or perspective of the earth was my job to give the feedback to the whole and experience this face...this perspective fully...explore it so the whole could see what it was about. So really only I could uniquely do it well!

Also I saw it too that I was fluid so I'd easily dissolve back into the tree or mother liquid and get mixed up again with it... no doubt a massive fluid mixing or brainstorming exercise would go on and then I'd bud again one day as another face...another expression at the end of a right now I was just in my brief expression as this face...made exactly right now along with the rest of my body to carry out just exactly what I was meant to...!

So I kept thinking bout that and that visualization in my head and to be honest I thought about this guy on Intent called Aaron Ross who does these scribblings...and wished I was a good enough artist to draw exactly what I was seeing...and then(and I've instead tried that scribbling too like him above but it can't do justice to the artwork I saw in my visualization of course!) as I'm pulling out the driveway I put on the radio and the segment that is on...I've heard is a part from Deepak Chopra's audio series where he is talking about the seven laws I think and he is on the law of Dharam(ma) and again he is talking about how we are just a soul having momentary human experiences...and about how he always told his kids to do whatever they wanted and he'd take care of them if they didnt make money...not everyone gets told that or have that luxury but...the main thing that stuck out for me was the soul having a momentary human experience...yes I've heard it said before but I reflected on it to is easier said than done...I think most of us including me more see it the other way around where we have moments of soul realizations but mostly view ourselves as human beings...the whole society is set up that fact the majority of society perhaps never even connects to the soul experience seriously for very long...let alone all the time!

And even the people who say it I think are caught up in doing differently cause really society is just not set up for souls having experiences here, some of which are momentarily human, but really the other way around or infact entirely about the human being as a body that is born young, develops, procreates other young bodies, takes care of them and then grows old and die. And society sets up structures around that not the spiritual really?!

Then later on in the day...I went on Intent and saw Aaron Ross... the same scribblings guy was talking about following your passion in the workplace and finding 'What is your Unique Genius' so as I say less and less these days I believe things are just mere coincidences too but intricately woven to happen and unfold just as they are suppose to...perhaps an outflowing of the mother liquid! :)

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