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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Day 2 into Day 3 on My Journey Semi-Raw, Kinda Raw…Vegan for Sure!

I’m having some internet connectivity issues at home so as much as I wanted to make this a daily update if possible…that has made it just so much harder! Although I really don’t think I need to tell my readers every single day what goes into my mouth or how I feel. But I do want to generally share my experiences on the journey with you…so here it goes…

At the end of Day 1 into Day 2 I was feeling not hungry amazingly but very calm! And my teeth really feel so much nicer some how! Well I always feel that when I have the soda drinks they irritate and somehow well excuse my engineering term...but I feel it somehow corrodes them! So the teeth are no longer howling at me!

My main accomplishment for Day 2 was I was able to have a cup of Twinings Green Tea just with hot water! No sugar or Splenda or any sugar subs galore! I did hear on the radio driving home that there is Stevia and agave nectar (and you can read about that in a friend and fellow bloggers rec. as well in the comment for Mondays’ blog) …and on the radio the man said I should be looking for long chain sugar subs! Well I went without so there!

So here is what went into my mouth…


-three bananas
(I had 2 and a friend having bananas also for breakfast gave me one more so there 2 became 3! Hmm…fraternizing with fellow fruit eaters has its perks)
-two black plums
-two apples
-one cup of Twinings Green Tea (no sugar or cream!)
-one bowl of yellow dhal
-one very large cob of corn boiled in water flavoured with salt and hot peppers
(It was the hard in grain so even boiled it could have been raw)
-16 ozs of Ocean Spray Cran Raspberry Light juice
(Yea it had the Splenda! But it’s more and more looking like a long term solution for those teeth!)

And here’s the news! Yesterday afternoon when I went to the grocers to stock up on more fruit at the back of my mind was a very special kind of tea. It was mentioned to me by my friend and fellow Deliciously Divine Café member (where we virtually sit and shoot the breeze usually over many cups of tea!)- Noreen! Here is that tea!

Now I saw lots of tea on sale at the local Trini grocer quite a few green teas and many organic some even from the UK. But I couldn’t find the tea that my Irish friend Noreen recommended to me! But it did have this offering from Sir Thomas Lipton that I figured I’d give a whirl since I like the flavour of orange in my tea:

Im currently having a cup on my Day 3 semi-raw vegan for sure and it’s quite fine I’d say! So here it is what’s in my mouth so far just at around mid morning on Day 3…


-two bananas
(no fruit friend this morning sadly)
-one black plum
-one apple
-one cup of Lipton Green Tea naturally flavoured (so the pack says) with Orange, Passion Fruit and Jasmine! (no sugar or cream!)

Looking fwd to more! I think my 'Purple Elephant' is dancing forward quite nicely you see! :) Even dancing 1.5 miles yesterday again!

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