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Monday, 23 November 2009

The Purple Elephant Vs. Non-Vegan Foods...and The Winner is...


Now I can't say the Purple Elephant has had much of a fight really I mean both events- the birthday party and the charity dinner were already vegetarian in nature. I thought I'd be side stepping paneer (a kinda Indian cottage cheese) at the dinner but none was really at both events I was just knocking out cake,cookies and ice cream really! And well all the questions as to why? Or the confused looks when I kept declining the treats...or at the charity event when someone insisted I try the chai that was all brewed up already milk included! I just explained that I had tried the chef's famous chai at a wedding that he served it at prior to this event and so tonight was having the plain old Lipton tea! Of course I was also ducking from cream in coffee and tea and the likes but at the dinner there was even non-dairy creamer!:) So I made it through...although now I'm wondering if I won on a technicality as was that non-dairy creamer truly vegan? And these are the dilemmas I always face as a vegetarian so just now seeing the new frontiers of that dilemma when being vegan! The way I deal with it though is I try my best not to but if I do well I can't really hold Father Time in an arm lock so I just say what's done is done and move on!

Now remember my point was not to cross the vegan line especially at those events where I knew semirawkindaraw would have been too tough to pull off...but on the whole I'm trying to eat less and mostly be semirawkindaraw...and stay away from lots of sugar and caffeine and junk foods. But I've been having sugary things and some caffeine once in a while as long as they've not been non-vegan. I've also been having some carbohydrates-a bit of rice, roti and bread and on one very rare occasion a bit of pasta. But really I only have them when I can't get my hands on enough fruits (raw) and veges (prepared semi-raw) and I need to have some additional calories to make it through my day.

So sadly no chocolate although I've just had a cup of my favourite Cadbury's cocoa mixed into only boiling richness of loads of cream and sweet like I'm going to be having soon for Christmas! :)But still a slight taste of cocoa for my nerves! :) But yes 'the where I don't cross the line bit' is on being vegan hence the 'veganforsure' bit I've put into the title to describe my current eating habits.

And again rounding to the last week of this experiment in eating I can say it's easy to be vegan I can see it being done and it seems to be a healthier step past vegetarian for sure! Will I become vegan fully one day? Dunno...for now I am looking forward to Christmas treats-cake, ice cream, favourite richly made recipe for Cadbury's cocoa...but I'm sure with time and working at it one can find vegan treats that will substitute...and it does feel lighter...I can't say I miss the cheese...I have more been missing chocolate and cream in my tea, coffee, cocoa fact thus far I've not had black coffee as I don't like the bitterness of coffee much have more been having the green tea with the occassional black tea too...I think there are some rainy cooler times I crave cheesy pizza or some mornings butter on my toast or a bowl of Quaker oats made warm with milk...but is it these things I'm craving or the need for warmth, comfort and joy?

Well my purple elephant just trumpeted! :)He's getting all excited and restless these last few days...dancing as if in the circus as he can't wait for the Advent should see how quickly he was walking when I stepped almost 3.5 miles today! :)

Oh dear! He has just tickled my ears with his trunk to say that after seeing the film 2012 he is a bit anxious as he had a nightmare after seeing the film. In the nightmare he is one of the pair of Indian elephants that made it onto that Ark so he is a bit nervous about how he is going to interact with all the other African elephants that he figures survived in South Africa as according to the seems the flood did not hit most of Africa and in particular South Africa for sure. Also in the nightmare while on the Ark he recalls he had a cousin (elephant) that went from India to the zoo in South Africa and he is hoping to meet him there will be three Indian elephants at least in the new world...the nightmare has been reoccurring for my purple elephant after seeing the film...and he also cries heavily in it as he had to part with the little mouse that is always at his feet...they chose two American rats he had to leave his Trinidadian one behind...and he always awakes from the nightmare when the female elephant those American scientists tagged him with starts to nag him out of his wits! LOL!

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