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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Purple Elephant Vs Non-Vegan Foods!

It's just about ten days into my journey Semi-RawKindaRawVeganforsure and here is what I'm craving!:

-My cup of Cadbury's Cocoa made like on my Advent Calendar here
-Twinings Voyage Indian Chai au lait (with milk)
-Any cafe au lait (coffee with milk)
-Chocolate in every which way!
-Cheesy Pizza
-Hot Cheesy Pizza
-The Ultimate Hot Fudge Sundae (that really only exists in my imagination and even when non-vegan I can never really find! I think it is a symbolic thing for me...this supposed oasis of extreme satisfaction...hehe ...but I keep chasing after it . .only to find a mirage!)

But the Purple elephant has so far been winning...I've had some transgressions but as I said I've never crossed the vegan line thus far! And for those watching my pounds for me I feel I'm losing some as I can see it in my neck and face...they seem smaller...and amazingly I feel so grand...I feel lighter in a way and very energy abuzz! :) Yesterday I walked a little over 2 miles and I could have kept on but I had to manage my time to get to bed for work the next day so I had to wrap see sometimes we have the desire to exercise but no time...that fictional 4th dimension that others especially corporations bind us by! :)

Speaking of him...Father Time...I will be doing some metaphysical talks soon to get those talks on stream again...and look for that Advent calendar again as soon as Dec 1st hits on all three of my blogs! :) My intent behind that is to give you a new and surprise blog post every day (if I can keep up). I hope the blog posts will be just as lovely as if you were eating one extraordinarily tasty chocolate each day plucked from an actual Advent calendar...

So yep back to The Purple Elephant versus Non-Vegan foods...I now realise that apart from the charity dinner on Saturday there is a friend's birthday tomorrow and I might have to surprise her (if she is not reading this blog) with a call and perhaps who knows ...and on Friday a birthday party for a family member!'s three days in a row back to back of The Purple Elephant VS Non-Vegan foods!

Will my Purple Elephant win?

Tune in to find out...

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