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Monday, 1 December 2008

To Walk in the Shoes of Another...

By now anyone following my blogs or who have read one or two might have read that I hang out on this online community call Intent. One of the things on there is you can set an Intent for yourself and have others support you in 'mind' and discuss things to help you go about achieving them.

Today I set mine as follows:
"To Walk in the Shoes of Others Who are Very Different from Me"

I came to this realization after the recent Mumbai Terror Attacks and base on some of my interactions with co-workers too...but for now the main things I want to explore are more spurred on by the terror attacks and on a more general level. Later on I will try to tackle more specific things for instance with co-workers etc. Although I may not be able to share them in detail on here without it being too personal for the others involved...on the off chance they read my blog and realise its bout them! And in that there is the realization that not everyone is like me and as open and would be horrified of having a blog in their true identity for all the world to see in the first place! These different they can be!

Anyway for now I will be exploring on this blog and wherever/whenever more applicable on my Universal Collective Prayer blog this walking in other people's shoes business...And here is what I want to explore in the first instance:

-the Islamic mind (cause it is one of the religions that I know little bout or according to their believers I understand wrongly and didn't hit me how important a religion it is to understand till Deepak Chopra said it is 25% of the world's population!)

-the terrorist mind (cause I know not all terrorist are Muslim)

-the Islamic terrorist mind (but many terrorist are Muslim)

The closest I've come to understanding it is from these books and my own perception of things on the earth otherwise:

-Among the Believers- V.S. Naipaul (fellow Trinidadian by birth and for first 18yrs of life at least not matter what is said)

-Shalimar's Clown- Salman Rushdie (of fatwah on head fame!)

So I'm not sure how I'm going to further explore these shoes of others but I'm hoping others on the Intent community will be of help perhaps in particular Gotham Chopra whose work in the past has taken him into investigative reporting of some of these global issues.

Anyway let me try on these shoes...

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