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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Advent Calendar 2nd Dec 09-Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: The Ghosts of Past, Present and Future.

Advent Calendar 2nd Dec 09-Charles Dickens’ a Christmas Carol: The Ghosts of Past, Present and Future.

Since the beginning of the Meady’s Musings blog we’ve been exploring themes like reincarnation and parallel worlds…things metaphysical as a whole. Today as part of the Advent calendar I felt it would be interesting and exciting to explore the concept of the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future as featured in the Dickensian classic- ‘A Christmas Carol’ with a Meady’s Musings slant! As a result I will discuss it as follows:

-On Meady’s Musings- the metaphysics of it.
-On UCP- a certain metaphysical being whom I’ve been a big fan of since the inception of that blog whom I believe has the whole past-present-future concept down pat!
- On Books and Films Corner- I will keep true to the name of the blog and just celebrate some of the potent quotes said by the ghosts in the Classic itself.


Is there really anything as past, present and future? I know a lot of Buddhist tell you and perhaps some Hindus and Jains will even tell you there is only the present…always live in the present. Then there is the famous new age guru Eckhart Tolle and his even more famous ‘Power of Now’ book. But does the present even exist either?

My point is…I think none of it really exists…as a distinct space or time by itself. I feel in this whole space-time continuum business that the past, present and future are all whirled together! They are all really just one ghost not three distinct ones! At any one point in time we are really a manifestation of all three of them? What do you think?

I mean you see what we did in the past is what makes us what we are in the present. Even if we forget about the past and live in the all gracious and holy ‘Power of Now’…which I really believe is all great and good…well we really would not have been there if it wasn’t for what we did in the past. And as we all well know how we behave in this great ‘Power of Now’ is what determines our future. Of course I can see why the Asian religions and New Agers push the ‘Power of Now’. For sure at that moment it is all we have the power to change…but really now let’s get all Christmasy as an Advent calendar should be and look at the Dickensian ghost concepts. Indeed in the end all Scrooge had was the Power of Now but didn’t the ghosts show him the whole spectrum of the space-time continuum he Scrooge existed in? And really the decision that Scrooge then made in the present in the classic book was based on the information that he gathered from past, present and future. The book is more realistic and simplistic than one of my fav sci fi flicks which by the way I bought in its entire trilogy form from Amazon recently-Back to the Future.

Because you see in true metaphysical style in the Dickens book Scrooge is not really interacting with any of the scenes even when he is with the Ghost of Christmas present is he? He is just viewing it just like a spirit with these ghosts! And I feel we all can eventually travel through time like this…we all have a spirit form and that spirit form can exist beyond or be not bounded by space or time. Therefore for that spirit there is no past, present or future…it is just leaping about all boundaries of space and time and for it- past, present or future does not exist!

That spirit form that we all truly are in essence can never have any ghost of Christmas past, present or future ever taunt it! For you see that spirit just simply exists…beyond space or time…it has always existed and always will…time and space does not bound it…

What do you think?

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