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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Advent Calendar: Wed 3 Dec 09-The Gift of Trees!

Meady’s Musings Production is always celebrating the trees and you can expect to see many references to them as this year’s Advent calendar progresses. Today on the calendar we’d like to feature trees on each of the blogs in this manner:

- Meady’s Musings-The beauty of trees
- UCP-The spirit that can be found in trees
- Books and Films Corner-Yes we kill trees to make books but hopefully it is a willing or worthy sacrifice and may blogs, kindle downloads and e-books be the books of the future so we can save them trees! But for now we will celebrate some poetry about trees!


The Purple Elephant loves to wrap his trunk around trees while the little mouse scurries around in the leaves below looking for something to munch on. This year on Meady’s Musings we took many a beautiful walk among the trees and as the year draws to a close on our Advent calendar we’d like to remember those walks…as well as some other tree memories over the years…

Refinery walks Apr 09

Refer to this blog post for more pictures from that refinery walk…

Bamboo cathedral, Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival, Chaguaramas National Park, May 09 TRINIDAD.

Cheraw State Park, Jun 09

Visualizing the Tree of Peace, Oct 08

Yosemite National Park, Jun 07

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