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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Advent Calendar:7th Day of Christmas and Old Year's Day-Reflections!

Meady’s Musings Production apologizes for not keeping up with the calendar and the twelve days of Christmas from the 4th to 6th days of Christmas. However she (Meady herself), the Purple Elephant and even the little mouse have all caught some great big colds! The Purple Elephant believes we got it from Rudolph’s red, runny nose as we were nursing sick reindeer while Santa used our donkey with cart instead this year!

However with a whole house full of sick it’s hard to figure out who should nurse who? And so we were all very unclear as to what to do! Also in an attempt to keep bread on the table for all at the house Meady still had to go out to her full time job so it was near impossible to put up gifts of blog posts. Most of the house guests will be gone by the end of today as the 7th Day of Christmas and Old Year’s Day is here…and all are excited to usher in the New Year!

So, on the today calendar we have made it here, to give you a gift of a blog post olé! As we present…Reflections!

Here is how it will be presented on all three blogs our Reflections on 2009:

-On Meady’s Musings: Our favourite blog posts we shared with you or things we did!

-On UCP: Some of our most profoundly divine and moving moments in UCP!

-On Books and Films Corner: We recall some of the movies we enjoyed this year!


Before I look at the details in general I'd like to say this was the year new life was breathed into my Meady's Musings logo and my Purple Elephant and the little mouse really came to life thanks to my friend Adriana Ochoa! :)

JAN: In Jan things manifested as we followed our heart and we had Gone Gardening!

FEB:In Feb we took a jab at our reincarnation series again and heard of the works of Dr. Brian Weiss. Be sure we will be taking further jabs at that series in 2010!

We asked American President Obama How Does His Garden Grow? Enjoyed the beauty of our Sunflowers aka Suraj Mukhi and discovered our (Primary) Theme Song!

We asked To Be a Leader? as we rolled over in laughter at the antics of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his wing men Evo Morales and Daniel Ortega as they attended the Summit of the Americas here on our island under the watchful eye of US President Barack Obama who was all smiles and charm as he received arepas...ahem...we mean that infamous book from Chavez!:) As we asked that question we discovered we not only had a theme song but we had two! So from then on one would be called our primary theme song and the other sub-primary theme song! We also had those lovely refinery walks and saw a butterfly!:)

MAY: We volunteered at the Red Earth Eco-Arts Festival 2009 and made some new friends...

JUN-JUL:We left on a jet plane and toured a certain cavernous place i.e. the Grand Canyon via Route 66, engaged in UCP in New Mexico and walked the Santa Fe Trail of the old wild west! On the whole we also hung out in the American Southlands...confederacy anyone? We didn't blog much though as even on return we had this flu perhaps not swine but nasty all the same! Here are some more pics from that trip to make up for it though!

AUG:We explored Parallel Lives and Parallel Worlds and be sure to hear more about that in 2010 as we continue to follow, contemplate and discuss the works of Dr. Kaku and others!

SEP: Some say we may have slipped off into a parallel world during this month but we didn't blog here then! ;)

OCT: In October despite the busyness of the Diwali festivities we took part in Blog Action Day 2009 and wondered about our Carbon Footprint or was it about The Existence of Bigfoot instead!? We also saluted the beautiful Sarah Maria's book!

NOV: In Nov all month long we tried to be semi-raw again but realised if we couldnt do that we could be Vegan for Sure! We may have lost some weight and for sure gotten a bit healthier especially with use of our steppy thingy!Expect us to try a vegan diet again soon in the New Year!:)

DEC: Christmas was here and it again was time for our Advent calendar which takes us back to here! Ole! Bro Greg said the prayers and Adriana helped my animals don their Santa hats and it has been Christmas fun all the way! :)

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