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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Advent Calendar:Wed 9 Dec-The Gift of Miracles!

Now it's a bit presumptious of our calendar to think we can give such a gift...the gift of miracles that is...because of course miracles are really gifts from the Universe or God or outer worldy beings or celestial beings or metaphysical ones or angels! So just see us as the channel or the messenger on the internet tonight!

As customary the calendar is going to celebrate this gift from the perspective of the three different Meady's Musings Production's blogs:

*On Meady's Musings-Miracles: Science Vs. Faith?
*On UCP- Miracles as defined in Catholicism
*On Books and Films Corner- Miracles on Film!

And the Bears are coming soon! However the carpenter advised that I should reinforce the roof of my house and do some other finishing touches to re-cover from the fall out of Mon night's blog on my house first! You replace a few wooden beams here or window pane's not easy when a few hundred mice were watching Youtube in your living room...who knows what they could have been gnawing on...Oh dear!


Well it will always be an ongoing discussion but I think they both work hand in hand. But usually faith comes first...and the wrong thing that we as a society do is to ridicule faith just because science has not yet explained it. Also we tend to no longer attach 'the power' or 'magicalness' to a thing once science can explain it!

So cavemen were all awed by fire but once they realised it could be repeated again and divine intervention needed...just strike them stones together and viola any Tom, Dick and Neandertal could do it! Well fire was no longer miraculous? Except when Moses spoke the burning bush later on of course! But think about it...just because we know how to do things...several things in the 21st century to get a fire started does it make it less magical?

Also before fire was 'accidentally' discovered perhaps and its generation found to be possible by repeating the same act and so making it not a unique one time unexplained event i.e. a miracle! Well if a caveman had a dream where and angel of the Lord say came upon him and said to him "Go forth and strike two rocks together and son you will have a warm, glowing light...when it appears call it fire!" Would anyone have believed him unless and until they saw it happen?

You see the only reason we believe in fire is because we can all make it appear again and again by doing specific and repeatable things...we aren't creating it magically but certain chemical/physical conditions when in existence cause it's generation. Had it been that when the caveman had the dream the angel further said to him "Son this occurance will happen only once and you must do it alone while in your cave and then go forth and tell the world that I showed you fire! I will return one day and make it available to all men!"

Well would anyone have believed the caveman? Well that's what faith is? So some scientists would have laughed at the caveman then and call him a lunatic...while some would have taken to following him perhaps if he was good at convincing them i.e. a good orator etc...perhaps a good story teller and he would have had a following.

However to me the smart way for both scientists and those of faith would be if they then instead met each other half way...have the faith it could happen...and then investigate it...perhaps it's what most smart and successful scientist do anyway...I mean the famous dream Kelkule had...perhaps science and faith always meet each other and the science we practice is a product of divine revelation...miracles from up above flowing through the hands and minds of our scientists?

For some reason creative types like painters, writers, musicians and the like will admit to that quicker...that 'their Art' really comes from up above or they are just challenging some greater force and energy. But you rarely hear scientists say the same thing!

However I'm no genius so let's again look for some more proof in the pudding as all scientists like...we will go to a scientist who perhaps did believe things came through him...that he channeled a higher power...Albert Einstein who 'pop culture' loves to associate with genius!

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