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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Advent Calendar:3rd Day of Christmas-The Gift of Inspiration through Words!

On this the third day of Christmas on all three of my blogs I give you the gift of Inspiration. Inspiration can no doubt come in many forms and many writers will know it can take the form of a muse. I have no doubt experienced this myself in the form of a Manicou! :) You can check out my blogger profile to read more about that!:) But today on Meady's Musings I give you the gift of inspiration by saying it in words...I guess if I had talked about it on my Universal Collective Prayer blog it could then be referred to as Mantras cause this would be chanting words over and over...But on that blog I will instead talk about honouring God by carrying out our purpose in life and I will illustrate this by use of the classic and inspirational film- 'Chariots of Fire' and on my Books and Films Corner blog talk more about that four Academy Awards winning film and show more of it. Hope you enjoy today's Advent gift to you ...INSPIRATION!:)


Tira said...

Hi thanks for your coment on my blog. Yes, I am from Trinidad, are you related to Nalini Dubay, she was a primary school teacher of mine.
Re books-if you have not yet read Amitav Ghosh Sea of poppies make sure and do-its a must for all descendants of indian immigrants.

meadysmusings said...

OK will check out the novel I do read a lot and around the Indian diaspora so for sure I think I will enjoy it...nice meeting you...if you are on facebook would love to be friends on there. I'm a book addict though and usually have a pile stack high that I'm still to read!I see from your blog you do write a lot about Indo-Trini things too and you travel a lot. I've been to San Franciso twice...but not to all the far east places you've been to. And nope dont know a Nalini Dubay although Dubay especially spelt that way is not a very common name...perhaps she can be a distant relative I dont even know of as my dad's family is big and for long story dont know lots of them...again nice bumping into another Trini blogger and congrats on the blogging prize I see you won! If you want to connect on Facebook you can just check up my name.