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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Advent Calendar:Thurs 18 Dec-'Chocolatier' (the game)

Earlier this year I downloaded and became addicted to (for weeks only thankfully) the game 'Chocolatier'. What happened to me I'd not like to see happen again but really it is that a lovely game I think for it to happen in the first place! One night one thing led to the other on the web and I downloaded the game on Yahoo! Games and next thing you know I started playing the game early Sunday night and didn't realize it was almost 6 AM and I was late for getting dressed for work! Now I understand how some people resign their jobs and from real life to play video games! So this Christmas I share with you this treat but ask you if you do choose to get it that like with all treats you use it in moderation. The thing about Chocolatier though is once you finish the story mode the first time it's not as fun to just get a higher score at least not for me. For me the game was more about the story and opening up the new sites in different parts of the world as you go. Meeting new people as the story unraveled. Being an entrepreneur and caught up in a lovely story all in the 19th century but with the open thinking of in the game has nothing about race, slavery and imperialism in its feel.Although of course in the real world 19th century things would not have exactly been that way...

The game really had me smiling. It starts off in 19th century San Francisco and has this charming soundtrack and sites and what really had me was it represents a time when my island was a major hub for cocoa! And it features places like The Queen's Park Savannah and Chaguanas where the lady selling at the market has the last name Naipaul! :) And below is the screen in the game for Trinidad!:

It's just pure fun...perhaps while tucked in this holidays you can download and play it and check out what I'm talking about! The game is not new or anything just my pick and gift for you today. The game is made by a company called Big Splash Games.

Here's the official description on Yahoo Games and it can be found at this link Chocolatier:
Average Rating: (2,528 ratings)
4.5 stars
Game Features:

* Over 130 different quests through 14 cities throughout the world!
* Exciting mini-game to set your level of factory production for every recipe you obtain!
* 60 recipes to acquire and 6 factories to purchase!
* Delightful art and music that transport you to the turn of the century!

Game Description:

Oh the gloriously rich and delectable life of a chocolatier! Constantly surrounded by mounds of chocolate bars and boxes of mouth-…

Oh the gloriously rich and delectable life of a chocolatier! Constantly surrounded by mounds of chocolate bars and boxes of mouth-watering truffles! Build your empire one ingredient at a time as you travel the world to find the best prices and buy factories to maximize production! Manage your output and please your customers... but don't forget about those conniving competitors who wish you poorly! Do you have what it takes to conquer the world through chocolate?

Note one frustration that might result in playing this game is when you can't find and source to eat the lovely chocs you are creating in the game in the real world! :)
Hmm....maybe a box of real chocs should come with the game...any ideas Yahoo! Games or Big Splash?:)

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