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Friday, 26 December 2008

Advent Calendar:Boxing Day!-The 1st Day of Christmas and My Birthday!

I guess today my Advent gift to you is well me! :) I don't mean it in an egotistical way as in I'm that great so as to be given as a gift. Nor do I mean it that I see myself as a material that can be given. But I give of myself to you all the time when I sit and type and pour my thoughts out to you on here and so I'm always in some small way giving myself to you each day or whenever I blog. Of course you also so graciously give of yourself to me when you take the time to read and appreciate my words! :) And today is the symbolic day of my birth...symbolic cause I was born on this date yes...but...not this year...and so really one's birthday can never be recreated but we social human beings like to symbolically mark it every year and count the years as they pass by...

The way society is structured we count the years and compare ourselves to others in our pool so we know that the average life expectancy of a man or a woman is such and such. If they are overweight or live such and such life style they chop off or add on years to that expectancy...and then like they decided at what ages you can and cannot do such and such...your risk of this increases...this as a female you should try to have all your kids below 30 cause then the risk of down syndrome goes from 1% to I think 10% and then there is menopause...and infertility...and then as you get older...check for cancer also if you did do like they said and had those kids early your risk for cancer now would have been less! Worry bout might get Alzheimer's by this age and Osteoporosis if...But really to me why count the numbers and what does society use these numbers for anyway if only to pretend they can check the odds? Do the math... tally the probabilities for when this and this will or that will not happen! And then compare all of us unique beings that we are to some average Joe and Josephine that the numbers created! One thing's for sure we are a numbers game society!

It is one thing when they try to understand the human body and the natural world it lives in but imagine how bad it gets when society then proceeds to make up it's own laws that tell us by what age we should finish school and by what age we should get married and what age we should have a career by and when it doesn't make sense to change it by and when we should retire...and don't talk bout the financial whizzes who tells us by what age we should save such and such less we want to retire penniless and the list goes on! What a life ...what a life!

Thing is who knows...I like the Hindi saying...Ram Jaane...Ram (God) knows...and I also like to say Hum Na Jaane (Don't know or dunno know...or the famous shrug that has a nice smiley face I find on some applications)Of course we all have to pretend to know...not that we are being incompetent when we pretend to know by the way. I mean when doctors say such and such ...they are saying it based on their training and case histories and same goes for engineers and other professions that deal with natural laws...but of course we can never truly know. Science is faced with bizarre incidents and anomalies all the time! However by and large the numbers do average it that we are more or less as a society right? Or is it if enough people collective believe something it happens...can the mass focus on something happening make it happen? I dunno but I've been focusing a bit more on such things in the last half of this year...taking part in the peace intention experiment....praying globally as part of the candle4tibet effort and then I created Universal Collective Prayer. All in the effort to find out if 'Thinking makes it so? or 'Can our thoughts really shape the world we want to see?'

I dunno...Hum Na Jaane...I know the scientists say that as societies we say Ram Jaane ...God Knows...and toss it up to the great big sky when we can't scientifically hone it down and write an equation explaining some law...but if we can't it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. So shrugging it off and saying Hum Na Jaane or Ram Jaane is certainly to me a better place than saying I know when I don't really know and then saying I know it doesn't exist cause I can't prove it. Also if I can prove how something happens and understand how it repeats itself such that I can develop a law around it and an equation to relate still doesn't tell me why it happened or it still doesn't tell me if I did or did not come from and will return to that great big spirit in the sky! But I'm going with the song and I'd like to think that the one thing I know is....Spirit in the Sky...that's when I die...I'm going up to the Spirit in the Sky! :) But unlike the song I think it doesn't matter who Ram or Jesus or whoever you befriend...and even if you going up may then recycle but you going back up...

So here I am symbolically a child born onto you a day after the symbolic birth of the Christ child. From all accounts I've read Jesus made his big impacts and his big speeches into his 30s so who knows there might be hope for me yet...not that I'm trying to blaspheme and offend anyone by suggesting I am in the same ilk but I do believe the great one did walk a path so that we would emulate it not simply adorn it! And so in that respect we should all attempt to be more Christ like...

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