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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Advent Calendar:Christmas Eve!-Goonj and Action !(Karam) from the Place of Love's Pure Clear Light

Before on this Christmas Eve I give to you my thoughts I must apologize and it seems I have unfortunately let down the man in the song and 'dagmagaye' in that my steps have indeed faltered and unfortunately yesterday I fell to sleep without doing any entries on my Advent Calendar! :( So I let the man in the song down! :( Check my original post about setting up this Advent Calendar to see which man I'm talking bout! I thought about doing one back dated but Christmas Eve is upon me and I felt I should spend my time soaking it in and sharing it live with you!

I give you an early post today as I go off to enjoy the times...I've just baked two things from a pack nonetheless but still smells nice! Two kinda bread things...Orange something and Blueberry...smells nice...and hopefully when cut will taste nice too! I've helped out my mum cleaning about...a rare experience! :) and so I'm trying to see if can convince her to get about to making what in Trinidad we call 'Hops Bread'...'Hops' for others words home-made bread...what we call 'Hops' in Trini I think roughly translates to dinner rolls. Here in Trini on an evening many a bakery churns them out hot in quarts. Anyway if we get about to putting out a homemade batch and I get a chance to sneak a pic and come here I might just post it up later! :)

On the whole this has been a nice preparation time for me this Christmas as I've achieved so much in terms of cleaning out and organizing my least at home...and between now and the New Year I plan to do the same to my office and really is a lovely feeling. I didn't do it for the Christmas celebs in particular in fact it really all started when my bed fell in and I literally woke up one morning and fell out of bed! :) But luckily didn't hit my head!:) However it meant I had to get a new bed and then I got a new chest of drawers and then I just started was cool to work towards the big cleaning ending up on Christmas Eve and I'm please to say it is complete!

All through my cleanings I kept wishing I could send all the extra cloth I kept coughing up to this cause! Which I learnt about this year on Intent from a friend that represents The Global Oneness Project! Here is the cause's blog

Isn't it so lovely?! :)For sure this guy in India is leading the way and not dagmagaye (ing) :)....pardon my Hinglish! :) But seriously this is a cool cause...wish I could get all the extra cloth I have no space to store out there to those ladies! :) Who knows...perhaps a local drive can be sorted out? You can find out more about this effort at GOONJ.

As you would know I have three blogs- this one, Universal Collective Prayer and Books and Films Corner. So I will leave my talks on the Christ child for the Prayer blog...and on here all the same Wish Everyone A Very Happy, Holy Christmas and A Bright and Reflective New Year filled with Love and It's Pure, Clear Light! :)

And I will leave you with this song I played on my Universal Collective Prayer blog when the Mumbai Terror Attacks occurred cause I find it so inspiring and really is my wishes for us all in this Universe tonight and in the coming New Year! That we won't dagmagaye! :) ...our steps will not falter...So my Advent gift to you to take Action (Karam) from the place of Love's Pure Clear Light! :)and you can take a strip of cloth out of Goonj's heap! :)

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