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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

My Own Special Kinda Advent Calendar for My Readers!

I’m launching my own kinda Advent calendar on all three of my blogs today! I know it’s half way into the Advent month of December and less than 10 days away from Christmas but as I said it’s my own kinda Advent calendar and as such I start it and end it in my own way…I’ve decided to start it today and to let it run into the 12 days of Christmas instead of on Christmas day. So the calendar starts today and ends on the day of the Epiphany or in places where the Epiphany is not celebrated- 6th Jan which normally marks the end of the Christmas season.

So here’s how my Advent calendar is gonna run…first of all for once I’m gonna be posting daily…now this is not my day job and so if I falter be meek and mild with me…but at least I plan to post everyday…and hopefully I won’t falter. And won’t let down the guy singing to the kids on this post! :)

So here is how the calendar goes…on each of my blogs I’m gonna put something up about Christmas but from focusing on different aspects of the celebrations. So on my Meady’s Musings Blog….this one….I’m gonna talk about some favourite treat associated with the holidays. However the treat will not be utilizing any of ‘The Little Ones’ in ‘em and I defined what ‘The Little Ones’ are on my Universal Collective Prayer blog a couple days ago here in this post. But to put it simply it means it will be vegetarian meals but using dairy since as far as I can tell locally here the milk obtained isn’t from mega farms by and large and so the cows aren’t suffered for the milk. The cheese is available in animal rennet free versions and supposedly the cows that make ‘em stroll the lovely country sides of New Zealand. And the ones that give the butter play in the pristine Irish meadows. So for now like how the Verizon guy makes everyone say- Good!-I’m good cause I checked it out! Anyway by and large I feel I will be following in the tradition of putting a chocolate on each date in the actual Advent calendars so I will be symbolically giving you a new chocolate everyday by reviewing something with chocolate in it! Mmmmm…yum!

My semi-raw thing didn’t work out for many reasons this time and I had to curtail it. One of the reasons I had to was of the hectic schedules these days and so not much time to make right choice less write about the wrong ones! I’ve been posting on Universal Collective Prayer but that just flows as it is prayers you know….So just letting you know in case you are wondering how I’m eating the chocs when I was suppose to be all healthy till Christmas day…next year for sure though! :) No seriously I plan to approach it again when I’m more settled.

So now, back to the Advent calendar…On my Universal Collective Prayer blog I will be including a favourite quotation, tune or writing about Christmas and the Nativity and sometimes a film clip although it is not a film blog. While on my less known and rarely updated The Books and Films Corner blog I will be talking about well…a book or film relevant to the holidays. I still owe my blog on V.S. Naipaul on that blog and my blog series on Reincarnation on this Meady’s Musings blog so in between you might see posts on those too but there will be two posts on that day if that happens-one for the Advent calendar and one for the normal postings. My blogs don’t close for the Holidays and so we still have normal posts to churn out there as well! And if you want to see more of my blogs in the New Year well you might just have to be clicking away on those Google Ad Sense ads so you can pay me enough pennies to plug on!:)Merry Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year Everybody! with love and compassion from Meady's Musings Production:)Advent calendar here we come!

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