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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Your Advent Calendar: Tue 16 Dec 08-Nestle's After Eight

Today I’m gonna talk about the delightful treat that is Nestle’s After Eight. It’s a thin dark chocolate strip with a strong minty filling. It's really lovely and every Christmas I like to get myself a box. Now Nestle seems to like it so much as a seller over the decades they have even given it its own site! So I'm not gonna mouth off much about it here. Only to let you know that if you like strong minty dark chocolate it's the one! And I hope you enjoy on this day of Advent! I tend to eat two in one go. Each dark choc mint is really exquisitely wrapped too and I tend to get the 300 g box as shown above on Nestle's site for it- I'm sure they won't mind me re-publishing the pic here cause it's all good publicity for their brand.

I've also attached for your healthy or not info its nutrional info. And really if you do like me and have two a day well you are really only putting just about 80kcal not bad for a decadent treat! :)And as the name says-After really is good to have that time just after's a nice alternative to a plain gives you a nice feel like you have chocolate but at the same time the mint cuts off your taste buds for the night so you don't crave...So you see not all things decadent are that bad! You can have fun and not be totally madly unhealthy at the same time! You think?

Typical Values Per 4 sweets (7g) Per 100g
Energy 657KJ 1912KJ
157kcal 456kcal
Protein 1.4g 3.6g
Carbohydrate 22.2g 66.2g
of which sugars: 19.2g 55.4g
Fat 6.9g 19.6g
of which saturates: 3.7g 11.9g
Fibre 0.3g 0.8g
Sodium Trace 0.1g
Salt Equivalent 0.1g 0.2g


Elspeth said...

I never liked that cho-mint combo. Neither choc-orange or choc-liquer

meadysmusings said...

I love most of the combos! Obviously a choc freak! Like I like the orangey ones and the strawberry ones too...Ghirardelli has raspberry and dark chocolate squares that I really love...ate them last time was in San Francisco but of course you can them here in TT all over now too!