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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Advent Calendar:Christmas Day!-The Gift of Imagination

Again from Meady's Musings Production and the group of blogs:Meady's Musings, Universal Collective Prayer and Books and Films Corner I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy and Holy Christmas and a Bright and Reflective New Year filled with Musings and Love and its Pure,Clear, Light! :)

This year my gift giving to my nieces and nephews surrounded the gift of imagination. My nieces and nephew who was with me got their gifts last night cause we decided to do it then so they could spend time with me last night exploring the gifts of imagination before the rush of family and eating tomorrow! I think would like to keep that as a new Christmas tradition in the future you can be more peacefully reflective on the gifts then I find...

Now,I have read blog after blog this year about the economic crunch and materialism and I do realize there are many who really can't afford the simplest store bought gift but for those of us lucky to have a bit of cash at least momentarily in our hands I find gifts of imagination and thought are the most worth while not just for kids but for all of us. I've been know to buy games for adult friends! And really if we don't buy stuff too what would happen to those who make a living from retailing?

So I contemplated this and cut down on the amount I spent on each gift but still got gifts of imagination...surely if I couldn't afford to buy them I could have created them on my own from scraps of's the thing about the gift of imagination it does not necessarily have to be bought! However I luckily some might say had enough cash on hand to put out a bit so I supported my favourite island book store and got these gifts of imagination as can been seen in set above. Really book kits on:

-Time Travel(really talking bout history)

I found the Time Travel one to the most useful as it is grounded in real proven things that we know for sure actually happened too...I guess imagining responsibly?:) And it came with a little clock that tells the time backward! :)However they all spur the imagination in not only a child but in me! The Egypt one claims to be a remake of a journal of a lady who actually experienced Egypt although it says it can't be proven!:) And immediately my niece who got that wondered if the lady really existed and the reprint of the coffee stain on the book ...if that really happened and the lady really spilt coffee on her real journal! The Wizardology one is surrounded around Merlin and the like although it bigs up the Mystics of India. We being of Indian ancestry and Hindu background aren't as freaked out by mysticism as some but here is where I say sometimes we have to not fall entirely into the imaginary world and is why I saw the Time Travel one might be more useful. But I did have the talk with that niece bout not taking the spells seriously and appreciating the code set that went with it as a way of creating a new language in code. Despite what some might say I know there can be a lot to be learnt from the Way of Wizards if used responsibly.

The idea of the book kits to me gives my nieces and nephew a passport to the imaginary world. It is theirs to hold on to and explore that world through. Yes they can look things up on the web, watch a film and many other things and those will no doubt spur imagination too...but after interacting with them and the gifts I realize just how much this little piece of paper and ink gave then a raft... something to hold on to as their own as they navigated the world of their imaginations. And really if I couldn't afford to buy them ...I could have craftily put together these journals on my own with clippings form newspapers etc. But I had the money and not the time...which is why I said some might call me lucky as I had the cash but really if I had the time to lovingly craft it on my own it may have been even more fulfilling an experience so really who is luckier than who?!

And of course we all know the great things that come out of imagination...if we didn't dare to dream the world would never would always be stuck in the same is on the tail of our dreams that new ideas take flight and then parachute into a new world!:)

It is why my other little nephew much younger at only 3 but not with me this year as he is in the US. He got the gift of Winnie the Pooh on dvd...cause I know how much he loves to look at the bee chase when Winnie pretends to be just a little black rain cloud of course! After he had completed his stoutness exercises :)



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