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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Advent Calendar:5th Day of Christmas-Do You Believe in Angels?

On today the 5th day of Christmas I'm asking Do You Believe in Angels? and then talking about them in some way or the other on all three of my blogs. On this blog I ask you if you believe and tell you what my belief is.On Universal Collective Prayer I talk about Guardian Angels and my relationship with them or the Ishq Devatas of Hinduism and on the Books and Films Corner I could have and perhaps some might say should have spoken about a film about Angels and while there are good ones and yes I know it is not a TV blog but I just had I talk about two of my favourite TV shows from a time before that featured Angels! :)

So yep I figured from all this enthusiasm you'd get the answer to my question already... yep I do believe in Angels I do! :) So I've voted on my poll and you feel free to do the same too! :) And I feel they are with me every moment every second in human form or just in the wind helping me out every second and every moment!:)

Beliefs really need not be explained but I could if I wanted to but wont...cause then you'd still not have enough proof beyond a reasonable's just like the Santa Claus question and really the magic would be loss in explaining...but please listen to this wonderful ABBA tune and lot's of people love this tune too cause with over 1 Million hits on YouTube when the person next to you says it is corny or laugh at you for believing or listening to ABBA or Air Supply or Chicago...well tell me this if you are the freak in the room how come those guys are so popular? :) to all you still in the closet ABBA fans out there and Angel believers ...those on the fence...or those who we are yet to convince...listen to the song as it says... 'I believe in Angels...'

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