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Monday, 29 December 2008

Advent Calendar:4th Day of Christmas-The Gift of Hope in Words and Song!

Some people are cynical about 'Hope' and some believe that many of us hang on to 'False Hope' and in so doing waste our mortal lives away. I say while it maybe true that 'False Hope' can indeed result in us wasting our mortal lives away...well we have many lives to live indeed life itself is eternal and never ending so really we have forever to sort it out and so can there really be any such thing or harm in 'False Hope' then? Cause surely we will eventually figure it out after all we do have an eternity in which to do it! :) And really I don't know some also see 'Hope' as a good and positive thing...a virtue. Tonight on this fourth day of Christmas I give you the gift of 'Hope' as a virtue. A few years ago I stumbled upon a quote I can't recall when exactly and no author was attached to it...but it spurred me to write my own quote on hope and the whole tit for tatting went something like this...

'Hope is not a strategy'- Author Unknown.

I in turn wrote back in response to this quote that got me so churned up that I had to respond! :)

'Hope can never be a strategy...for it is the womb in which our ideas are kept warm and nurtured until they are strong enough to be born into a strategy'- by Babita Dubay...I think I wrote that some where in late 2005 to early 2006.

I dunno...Hum Na Jaane...Ram Jaane...God only knows....but I leave you with this beautiful song about Hope by Mandy Moore in the film 'A Walk to Remember'

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